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"Making the world smaller and bringing global industrial supplies closer to our customers"

is our Vision and Values

Our Global Sourcing Network

Our mission is to continuously connecting, developing and bringing global industrial supply manufacturers and distributors closer to our customers, regardless where they are and what they need to buy, through one single gateway and global sourcing platform.

Our industrial or engineered supplies range are broad and comprehensive be it supplying from our established supply partners or sourcing through our global sourcing network for below applications:

  • for use in piping system for water, oil, gas, hydrocarbon, pneumatic and hydraulic application
  • for use in construction, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, storage tank, mining, primary and alternative energy facilities and operations
  • for maintenance, repair and operating of existing production facilities
  • for new engineering and construction project in the field of energy, construction and infrastructure

About Us

Customer Centric Organization with Strong Foundation & Service Culture

Incorporated in 2015, SteelAsia Distribution was founded to providing integrated supply approach to sourcing, procuring and supplying of project materials (bulk/ shortages), maintenance & repair equipment, instruments & spares, and industrial supplies for customers engaging in industrial construction, fabrication and manufacturing. Since inception, we have inculcated strong corporate culture at all levels to serve our customers with pride, integrity and extra effort in creating and bringing values to our customers. While consistently meeting delivery and quality performance is imminent, we believe in challenging and distinguishing ourselves, not just by only meeting expectation but exceeding it, by going the extra miles to delivering delightful experience to our customers and continuously researching and developing business solutions that will add values to our customers’ business and profitability.


Gateway to Supply Integration with Our Global Supply Networks & Capabilities

Our customers' businesses are mostly capital intensive and ensuring operational readiness and continuity to delivering their products and services to their customers is one of the key corporate strategies towards maintaining profitability and business viability. While human resources and equipment availability are important to any production systems, ensuring the ability to maintaining the continuing supply of materials into the production systems and the full functionality of the production systems are undoubtedly second to none priorities. SteelAsia Distribution offers our customers a gateway and platform:  

  • To leverage on and access to our supply networks of ready global inventories and fast track production capabilities to ensuring rapid turnaround of required project materials (bulk/shortages), maintenance & repair equipment, instruments & spares, and industrial supplies to upkeep their production continuity and production systems functionality
  • To streamline their “Requisition-to-Pay” process, reduced supply base, development and management cost, increase leverage on spending and purchase dollars per order, and improved cost per PO and business process efficiency

Unconventional Solution Driven Integrated Supply      Partner

SteelAsia Distribution specializes in providing integrated supply solution and operates as an integrated supplier to enable our diverse range of customers to rapidly acquire a broad spectrum of products from industrial construction materials, piping system components, equipment, instruments, spares to general industrial supplies from ready global stocks and fast track production through our expanding and diversifying supply network and global sourcing capabilities. While traditional traders aim to sell high, we aim to buy low. We differentiate ourselves from traditional traders by our procurement; not sales mindset and core competency in providing our customers a global platform to streamlining their supply chains and requisition-to-pay process, and improving their procurement cost effectiveness and efficiency via our highly scalable and systematic approach towards integrated supply.



Meeting Short Term Needs & Delivering Long Term    Values

Our purpose is simple, clear and concise - we exist to serve customers and to serve them well. We positioned ourselves as an integral part of our customers’ business and not a separate organization, that’s why we care, we act prudently with honesty and integrity, we do things right and do right things, and always serve with customer’s interest as priority. While meeting customers’ short term needs is an imminent tactical mission, our strategic vision is to create and deliver long term values to our customers by continuously and proactively developing our business capabilities and competencies, expanding our outreach to the global supply market, maintaining strategic relationship with our supply partners, and researching and developing value proposition and business solutions that will enable our customers: 

  • To deliver their commitments to their internal/external customer with accuracy, consistency, highest quality, on-time and everytime 
  • To deliver total customer satisfaction 
  • To achieve operational & organizational excellence 
  • To improve sales and profitability 
  • To improve industry market share and achieve leadership 


Industry & Market

Key Principals and Supply Partners

Products & Services












Manufacturer of:

  • Bolts, nuts, washer, anchor bolts and etc.
  • ASTM A193/A1944/F436/A325/A563/F436/DlN931-933/934/125
  • Anchor Bolt
  • Other carbon/stainless steel/HDG/Zinc plating

Origin: Thailand













Manufacturer & Master Distributor of:

  • Check valves, gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, ball valves & etc.
  • Non-slam check valves & severe service control valves
  • Safety relief valves, pilot operated relief valves & control choke valve (multi-Orifice)

Origin: Taiwan, China, South Korea & USA













 Manufacturer & Master Distributor of:

  • Compression/Hydraulic fittings, instrumentation valves, pressure gauge, hoses & etc.
  • Quick disconnect couplings

Origin: Singapore, Italy & UK 










 Manufacturer of:

  • Threaded, lap-Joint, blind, socket weld, weld neck, slip-on, orifice & other custom made flanges

Origin: Malaysia & Japan















Manufacturer of:

  • Impact resistant U-PVC pipes and fittings for water supply application
    • HI-VP pipes, HI-TS fittings (JIS K6742/JIS K6743)
    • Thermal resistant U-PVC pipes and fittings for hot water supply application
    • HT pipes and fittings (JIS K6776/JIS K6777)
  • General purpose U-PVC pipes & fittings for drainage, vent and ventilation application
    • VP/VU pipes (JIS K6741) and DV & VU-DV fittings (JIS K6739/AS38)
  • Vinyl-base adhesives & lubricants for rubber ring joints
  • Others U-PVC/HDPE pipes, fittings and components

Origin: Japan












Specialized Sourcing Capability:

  • Steel pipes, butt weld fittings, forged fittings & flanges
  • Structural steel components & plates
  • Mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronics & electrical products
  • Chemical, lubricants, compounds & automotive products
  • General MROs (tools, spares, consumables & etc.)

** Sourcing in USA, Europe, Korea, Japan & Singapore **

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